Guide to Management Consulting

Real Industry Insights

The following is an excerpt from the interview we conducted with a Senior Associate at a top management consulting firm.

What are some of the skills one need to develop for making it into management consulting besides strong problem solving/analytical skills and communication skills?

An interesting question, and it depends on the career progression that sparks or ends up consuming your passion. Consultants passionate in a subject matter with keen problem solving skills often take the “back end” path versus a consultant who is more interested in the relationship management component taking the “front end” path. Developing mastery of the realm you advise on – healthcare, analytics, etc. – will be key, one of the advantages of being in an external advisory role is you have insights into inter industry processes and often have insights into what other comparable companies in the space are doing.

Also, don’t limit the scope…

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Relevance of opposition in democracy

National and foreign policy of a democratic government is always revolves around the lines of the political party it belongs to. This is well demonstrated by the existence of an opposition which stands against the government’s majority in parliament. Under normal circumstances, no country can accomplish and reveal the entireness of its political power unless both the government and opposition present in parliament. The presence of an opposition thwarts the ruling party posing itself as the state and affirming its understanding of public weal as being outright and singularly valid. We must not forget that opposition is the second greatest mover of the policy after the government.